Founded in 2009 by Tom the designer and creator of icedrainbow,
originally from a little town in the midlands now living in essex, decided A number of years ago to take on the role of becoming a creative designer of Jewellery & accessories, All of which are manufactured in his UK studio office in essex.

Each piece is made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, perspex , wood , & finished with sterling silver & silver plated materials, with his vast array of colourful products. Inspired by travelling and nature, He's always been creative and quirky right ever since school and college, so.... as a self taught Creative what better way to show you than with his handmade designs.

Having always been an artisan of many things way before icedrainbow. It all started in 2007 when Tom wanted to create original creations, selling online which first started out just making pieces for Family and friends, to eventually setting up the website (icedrainbow) in 2009.

The meaning behind the name:
anything can be iced in all colour of the rainbow,
by using crystals and colourful pieces of perspex in his work that was how the name came about, Tom is a Qualified Chef & has also had a keen interest in baking since primary school so that also gives a meaning to his unusual colourful quirky name.

Be Yourself Be you be beautiful be true.
Express your style & wonderful nature through the art of icedrainbow's creations. Adorned by many, seen by few but mesmerise those who have stumbled upon them, Aim for the stars and never look back always look forward, creating a world full of colourful creations & providing homes, necks,cakes & kitchens with a wide range of rainbow delights.